3 minutes that will PREDICT your overall

Trading and Investing Success

For the Rest of Your Life

Does this really work? We use this particular assessment on all our high end coaching clients, to help them best position themselves for winning in the market place, continually and naturally. And yes, it does work!


Can this simple 3 minute Investing Personality Test really predict if you will succeed or fail?

Knowing your Financial CODE

will help you make more money naturally…

Simple Questions, Amazing Answers

The My Financial CODE test has been carefully created to help you fully understand what underlying emotions drive your financial decision making. By knowing these emotions and how they impact on your decisions, you will enjoy much easier decision making, with far less stress, frustration and ultimately, this will help you get better results from your investments.

We all have a dominant trait, how can you profit from yours?

Through this simple test, you will immediately learn your dominant investment trait. You will also receive instant access to your own customised report, which will detail your specific natural strengths and how you can be using them to get the most from your investment decisions.

Your report will also detail some of the typical pitfalls for you to avoid, enabling you to have a far smoother ride through markets and ultimately a far better chance of generating the returns you want!

Personality and the reality of who we are

The way we do anything tends to be how we do everything. This is particularly true when it comes to investing. Have you ever been a bit too impulsive on when to get in or, just maybe a little too stubborn on when to get out? And then paid the price for this? Perhaps you have been a little nervous about even being in the trade?

These are all very normal emotional experiences that investors and traders face. However, the easier money is made by learning how to use your natural personality traits to manage these and all emotions out of your financial decision making, once and for all!

The biggest breakthrough from taking this simple test

You will immediately understand why there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to successful trading and investing. All too often, investors and traders can become extremely frustrated when the system they use fails to work for them. Perhaps they have friends using the same approach and getting a better outcome, which can then lead to thoughts like “why is this not working for me?”

The reason is because using somebody else’s strategy feels like walking down the street with a stone in your shoe, it is no fun at all!! By taking an approach that is a natural fit for you, you can expect much less stress, decision making to be easier and ultimately, much better results on your account.